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How often will you see your children after your divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2023 | Divorce

As a parent, you know that the end of your marriage will impact your children, even if both parties resolve to be amicable and cooperative. Regardless of the level of acrimony that you will experience during your divorce, you want to take steps that will allow you to protect the best interests of your children while also shielding the relationship that you have with them. One important way that you can accomplish this is by developing a practical, fair and sustainable visitation schedule for your family.

A regular visitation schedule can provide your children with stability and security during a time when they may feel that everything is changing. It is normal to want to see your kids as much as possible, but it is also important to focus on reaching terms that will actually be beneficial for them long-term. As with all decisions pertaining to the kids, you will benefit by focusing on their needs instead of your own temporary emotions.

Customizing your family’s visitation schedule

No one knows your family like you do. There is no one-size-fits-all visitation schedule, but instead, you can create a plan that is custom-tailored to the needs of your kids. Your visitation strategy should center around allowing your kids to maintain a strong relationship with both of their parents after the divorce is final. It is critical to strive for balance, as well as flexibility. Each custody and visitation order should include a strategy that parents will employ in the event of changes or unexpected events.

You should clearly state a visitation schedule and put it in writing. This will reduce the chance of disputes over the terms of the will, problems with drop-off and pick-up, deviations with consent and other issues. You and the other parent have the right to negotiate a schedule that will allow all members of your Arkansas family to know what to expect.

The health of your kids

A positive, consistent visitation schedule can be beneficial for the mental and emotional health of your children. Your divorce will have an impact on them, and your actions can provide support during this time of transition and change. Before you make any decisions that can affect your children, you may benefit from seeking a professional opinion regarding your parental rights and legal options.