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Tailoring My Approach
According To Your Unique Situation

Empowering You To Take More Control Over The Outcome Of Your Case

Many people have the misconception that family law has to involve conflict. They envision divorces, changes in custody, and other family law matters as a court battle, which can be incredibly stressful, time-consuming, and expensive for everyone involved.

Thankfully, there is another way. A collaborative approach to family law empowers you to have a hand in the outcome. With the help of a mediator – that is, a third-party neutral specially trained to facilitate resolutions – you can participate in the decision-making process, shaping an arrangement that fits the unique needs of your family.

Passionate About Facilitating Creative Solutions That Benefit Everyone

At The Jackson Law Firm, I am passionate about helping people navigate divorce and other family law obstacles in a more collaborative way. As a certified mediator, I understand how to help parties find common ground. I build upon those commonalities to help parties craft creative resolutions that avoid the stress and headaches of going to court.

As a qualified attorney ad litem – that is, a court-appointed advocate for children – I also understand what factors judges weigh in considering the best interests of children. That qualification, along with my extensive experience in Arkansas family law, gives me a strong foundation for mediating even the most complex of family law matters.

Avoiding The “Zero-Sum” Approach To Family Law

Your family law matter doesn’t have to be a win-lose proposition. In fact, when two parties butt heads and become entrenched in prolonged conflict, nobody wins. Litigation takes a toll on the parties as well as the children involved in the case. It adds further stress and emotional turmoil to a situation that is already challenging.

Family law mediation paves the road to win-win resolutions. It puts out emotional fires instead of fueling them, which is what often happens with traditional litigation. It provides peace of mind and a less stressful process for resolving any family law disputes.

By thinking outside the box through mediation, parties can reach an agreement that meets everyone’s needs. Those are the agreements that last. Rather than continually ending up back in court for further rounds of battle, parties with win-win resolutions are better able to live out the terms of their agreement with ease.

Learn More About The Benefits Of Mediation

If you’re interested in learning more about mediation and the many benefits it can offer, please reach out to me online or by phone at 501-588-3427. I practice throughout Central Arkansas.