Tailoring My Approach
According To Your Unique Situation

An Experienced Family Law Attorney Dedicated To Win-Win Solutions

Family law cases don’t have to turn into battles. At The Jackson Law Firm, I am dedicated to helping people find a better path forward.

I’m attorney Jenny Jackson, the firm’s founder. For more than 15 years, I have devoted my career to guiding clients down what can often be a rocky road with divorce and other family law issues. Because every family and its needs are different, I know that a standard approach doesn’t work for everyone. I take time to get to know you and your particular circumstances so I can represent you and your family based on your specific needs.

As a qualified attorney ad litem and certified mediator in domestic relations (divorce, custody, child support, etc.) and probate cases (guardianships and adoptions), I have a distinctive perspective about how to resolve highly personal family law matters. My approach helps parties avoid the stress and headaches of litigation while using creative strategies to forge win-win solutions outside of court. This approach avoids cookie-cutter decisions from judges who don’t know the nuances of your unique family situation. It gives you more flexibility in crafting a solution that’s best for you and your family.

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Highly Knowledgeable On All Aspects Of Arkansas Family Law

I focus my practice almost entirely on family law. Because of this narrow scope of practice, I bring a deep level of family law knowledge to every case, whether it’s a high-value divorce case with complex property division, a contested custody matter, or a modification of an existing family law order.

I also am a qualified attorney ad litem – that is, a court-appointed attorney for children in cases where adults are fighting over custody. This background gives me an in-depth insight into the factors that courts and decision-makers look at when making determinations about the best interests of children.

Learn More About How I Can Assist With Your Family Law Case

Whether you are seeking guidance from a family law attorney or looking to engage a knowledgeable mediator, I can help. Contact my office through the online contact form or by phone at 501-588-3427.