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Is it possible to change your child support order?

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2023 | Child Support/Paternity

Inevitably, your divorce is going to change many different areas of your life. Once the process is final, you may have to adjust to new financial circumstances, move to a more affordable residence and even make child support payments. Life doesn’t stop changing just because your Arkansas divorce is final, and you may find that you are no longer able to adhere to the terms of your child support order due to factors that you cannot control.

If you find that you can’t keep up with your support payments, there are options available to you. There are steps you may be able to take that will allow you to obtain terms that make more sense for you and your current situation. Seeking a modification of a support order is not a reflection of your ability to be a good parent, and it will not impact your parental rights.

Grounds for a modification

A parent must have a valid reason in order for a judge to grant a modification of a child support order. You must be able to provide evidence of your changed financial circumstances, and the other parent will also have the opportunity to contest your request for a modification. Some of the most common reasons why supporting parents petition the court for a change include the following:

  • Job loss or unexpected reduction in pay
  • The birth of additional children you need to support
  • Emergency or unexpected situation that has impacted your finances
  • Medical condition or disability that prevents you from working

When evaluating a modification request, the court will consider your evidence and documentation, the statements of the other parent, the needs of the children and more. You may also be able to seek a modification of your original order if you believe that the terms of the original one were unfair or unreasonable.

The best interests of your children

The court makes any decision regarding your children with the intent of protecting their best interests above all else. Regardless of why you need to seek a modification, you have the right to pursue your desired outcome. Temporarily or permanently changing your child support does not mean that you will lose parenting time, access to your kids or your right to be an involved, supportive parent with an active role in their lives.